Thursday, March 31, 2011


Pulling machinery apart is fun. Car engines, computers, clocks, pumps... there's nothing like dismantling a creation to see how it works.

It only gets tricky when you have to put it back together, and while that kind of task can be undertaken in the centre with some equipment that needs repairing, you can safely assume that when the case comes off the CPU it's well and truly all over for that computer!

Tinkering - as a bloke with a workshop - is part of my life, and it's been interesting to watch many colleagues who rarely, if ever, pick up a spanner or screw driver, get up to speed with its potential as a fun 'learning experience'.

Check out Let the Children Play on the blogroll to see how others are enjoying it. The Austin Tinkering School is of course heaven - they get to do it all day!!

Jealous or what.

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