Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kidicorp in the poo

Despite SFO dropping it's investigation against corporate baby-farmers Kidicorp, they are happy to say that management routinely fixed the books to make it look like more qualified staff were at work in order to qualify for extra funding.

They already get $60m to 'look after' 10,000 kids, but I guess they wanted just a little bit more from the taxpayer. Greedy bastards.

The corporatisation of ECE has been a lolly scramble with the public/private formula meaning there's really no way you can lose. ECE is prime investment and with the increasing of legal roll sizes, the lowering of teacher qualification standards, and economic management dictating the curriculum, everyday is payday for this bunch of shiny-arsed suits.

Feeling used? ABC, Kidicorp etc, attack the professionalism of teaching and turn children into numbers. Reject the corporate model and keep your centre autonomous and thus better able to reflect the community and its children.



Anonymous said...

u got it all right there! kidicorp are baby farmers. its all about the almighty dollar. Even though they try to convince you that they're not, they bloody well are!
they have monopolised the sector. Imagine being a teacher there. Imagine a teacher who chooses to challenge them? She or he will be convieniently "let go" and will never be able to find work in ECE. Because Kidicorp will never employ you ever again! Govt need to stop this! This guy is making money from our people and he don't give a hoot about them. Look at the wages he pays them.... shocking stuff. Unqualified teachers and primary trained teachers (who make kids of 2 and 3 sit down and pay attention to a learning experience) are not the go!!! But kidicorp get them, so they don't have to pay them as much money. this is so wrong. now Govt is making mothers go to work. Kidicorp are rubbing their hands together and licking their greedy lips.... Mansions to buy, flash cars to buy, family holidays to go on.... while the families who pay childcare fees struggle with everyday living!!! This is just so wrong!

ako said...

yep you got it in one :)

ako said...

It cracks me up how every month or so someone from Kidicorp does a web sweep to check for media etc (yes I can see visitor searches, URLs, IP addresses etc if I want to - which is rarely)

and finds this rant in the middle of the first page. I wonder what prospective customers think?

I hope some change their minds...