Saturday, February 18, 2012

Criminal Teachers (2)

The Dominion post reports that there are 'hundreds of unfit teachers' working in our schools and ECE centres. Recoil in horror at the list of crimes – drugs, porn, violence.... over 600 hundred complaints (with 300 criminal convictions being the basis for investigation) that saw 50 teachers stripped of their licence to teach. Is this a media beat-up? Sure fucking is!

The original is here:

and here is University of Auckland's Thomas Lumley – a professor of statistics – and his take on the data analysis:

So we have 600 complaints out of 96,000 registered teachers (this higher figure is discussed in the comments section) with gives us 1 complaint per 289 teachers a year. Is this a big deal? No. Lumley reveals how the police face complaints to 1 in 4 officers, while 'the press' – busy whipping the public into an anti-teacher frenzy, receive 1 complaint per 66. Oh the hypocritical bastards.

I ranted about this very subject in my first post. I'm sure we shall return in the not too distant future.

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