Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why am I an anarchist?

Road trips are a familiar theme of our summer holidays - and road trips mean we dig out the old cassette tapes to keep things interesting as we cruise. Which is how we came to be listening to Norman Nawrocki's song 'Why Am I An Anarchist?' For a long time I have thought that he has written the most eloquent description of what fires the passion and anger of anarchist's - well for me at least. While I could endlessly spout on about the world of injustice (and I will from an ECEC perspective), I figured that I'd start the year with a bang and introduce you all to Norman. If you like what you read I'm sure an internet search will provide more...

Why am I an anarchist?
Because old age pensioners eat dog food.
Because single moms on welfare cry.
Because politicians steal our futures.
Because women can't walk the streets safely.
Because I want to breathe fresh clean air.
Because hope, freedom and dignity are never on special at walmart.
Because capitalism is a scam.

Why am I an anarchist?
Because I'm tired of supermarket rip offs.
Because truth, peace and justice are almost extinct.
Because TV and newspapers lie.
Because kids go to school hungry.
Because I feel unsafe around cops.
Because America's president leaves me no choice.
Because poetry and butterflies demand equal time.

Why am I an anarchist?
Because no one will watch the rain.
Because groundhogs and rabbits are getting murdered.
Because two headed chickens protests and no one listens.
Because twenty minutes of sunshine can now kill.
Because rent is no longer affordable.
Because we deserve better.

 Why am I an anarchist?
Because banks rob people and it's not a crime.
Because I want to banish all cars from the city.
Because they built prisons but close hospitals and schools.
Because neither the sun, the moon or the stars are for sale.
Because corporate greed destroys lakes, rivers and forests.
Because I'm not afraid to dream.
Because I refuse to remain silent.

Why am I an anarchist?
Because it's time to shut down McDonalds.
Because I have friends who can't afford to visit the dentist.
Because one homeless family is too much.
Because the state blames and attacks the poor but rewards it's friends.
Because no fat cat lying politician ever has to wait for the bus.
Because I want social revolution now (now) (now) (now)
Why am I an anarchist?

I'm an anarchist for all of those things and more. Now lets get back to the task of saving our world via education...  and direct action!

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