Friday, May 24, 2013

Parental discources that make you puke...

We have a Dad who likes to hang out at our centre a lot. He's here most days either before or after his (brief) working day. Brilliant is the correct response - involved Dads are a rare breed - but not this guy.

I'm not sure if he's primarily here for his child or the fact that there's good coffee and a bunch of cool women working here, but whatever his reason, he's really fucking with the kids.

The problem is his own hang-ups. Thanks to Dad we have boys not wanting to play with the dolls and handbags, boys who don't want to "cry like a girl", but instead want to "smash your face in" and other such sexist macho bullshit.

What can I do? I really hate difficult conversations... how can I approach him with these concerns of mine?

Everyday we teachers experience the lived worlds of our children. Their 'funds of knowledge' draws primarily from the world of their parents. They are a reproduction of Mum and/or Dads words, actions and all the underpinning values that generate them.

And there are some really fucked-up people out there.

Will four years of being with me - the pro-feminist, anti-war, anti-Hollywood, animal loving, queer supporting, politician hating punk - be enough?

Our future depends on it.


Anonymous said...

I know the type very well. Cos guys can only be ONE thing right? Aggressive, unemotional jerks. The boys at my centre are super affectionate, happily wear dresses, love Spiderman, cooking, books and mobilo, and cry! My response to Dorkasaurus Dad would be along the lines of "Hey man, just quietly, some of the stuff you're saying to the kids don't reflect the values of our centre or the curriculum", maybe couple this discussion with a belt buckle that plays the theme from Once Were Warriors?

ako said...

Thanks, that almost sounds quite doable!

What was the theme song from Once Were Warriors? 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?'

Time to get your shit together me thinks.