Thursday, May 26, 2011

Budget blues...

Don't be conned by the 'extra' funding for ECE. The 1.1% increase is to cover four years of projected roll growth as the new wave of babies arrive at centres. It's way below the rate of inflation and is effectively a funding cut. A lot of centres will not make enough to cover costs and as a result will be charging more fees. Sucks eh?

This government treads water as usual; no forward thinking, no real plan, just keep paddling until you tire...

Maybe the election will come before that happens?

Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

So, did ECE miss out, despite the fact that education was one of only three sectors to get any increases in the budget at all?

ako said...

In real dollars, yes they did.

It seems that these days a 'funding increase' applies to any monies in any category. Long gone are the days of a standard 'adjustment for inflation'. The headlines looked good tho! I guess any money these days is worth a celebration eh.

NZEI talk about it more here:

Is your blog still ticking along? I kicked you off my list as I figured you had flagged it - as it seems 'ECE Tom' also has. Can reinstate it no problem.