Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The politics of voting...

I've never voted because I don't believe in representative democracy where the ability to recall delegates - or MP's if you like - is denied to us. I wont relinquish my power as an individual to a person I have no control over. The parliamentary system has been molded to suit the needs of those in power and essentially serves their interests while ignoring mine and my comrades.

The old saying 'if you don't vote you can't complain' is bullshit of course as the act of voting is the passing on of your voice. By not voting I have retained my authority to speak and act.

In the big picture of control, voting is essentially meaningless - the bastards will screw you over to maintain their privilege. What's more important is what you do in between elections, how you participate in your community and agitate for change that sees justice, equity and mutual aid as the basis for a modern society - this is the 'justice orientated citizen' that I have discussed in previous posts and is a core learning goal for myself as a teacher in early childhood. Remember, justice is the antithesis of democracy.

With an eye on the big picture, tactical voting is common among some anarchists who see no harm in creeping reformism as long as it does not become the goal of all activity. A lot of ex-anarchists inhabit the Green Party (co-leader Metiria Turei was once well known and respected in anarchist circles), but you would be hard pressed to consider revolution a policy of the Green Party.

While I wont be voting, I'll be promoting the Mana Party as a tactical vote for the anarchists and other non-voters as a way of feeding the flames of anti-neoliberalism and the goal of equity. They will probably get seats and who knows, they may play a crucial role in the 'governing' of this country. The little reforms that may eventuate will help many people who have been burned through successive years of neoliberal policies. Every bit helps when you can't pay the bills or feed the family good kai.

A vote for Mana won't change the system one iota, but it could help.

While I won't be running election orientated posts, others will and I suggest you hop over to check out the commentary:

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That's enough support for politicians from me, back to the anarchy of the sandpit...

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